Belgian Witbier
Belgian style wheat (or “white”) beer, brewed with coriander and orange peel. 7.5% abv
  Island Mist
“Small beer”; refreshing, light, all malt ale brewed from the same mash as our barley wine. 3% abv
  Island Fog
Barley Wine, Pale and hoppy. 10% abv
  La Granja Stout
Coffee infused, Imperial Stout. Recipe from friends at Norrebro Brygus in Copenhagen. 7% abv
Oktoberfest style beer, “Bock,” or strong lager. Malty flavor. 7.5% abv
  Imperial Sunshine
Hopped up version of Liquid Sunshine, both literally and figuratively. Similar to an IPA. 6.5% abv
  Beyond The Pale
“India Pale Ale” or “IPA”. Pale Ale and very hoppy. 7.5% abv
  Apple-Cider Ale
Mostly Cider, partly malt based; not too sweet, no hops. 4.5% abv
  Night Watch Porter
Robust porter. 6% abv
  Cloud Peak
Bavarian style wheat Beer. Light bodied and refreshing. 4.5% abv
  Bering Sea
Malty Scotch Ale with flavors reminiscent of caramel and brown sugar; smooth and deceptive. 7% abv
  Island Trails
Spruce Tip Wheat Wine with 3 separate additions of Spruce tips. Fruity, earthy flavor and aroma with a smooth and satisfying finish. 9.2% abv
  Devils Club
Balanced & big, malty & hoppy; American strong ale. 8.5% abv
  Deadliest Batch
Big Barley Wine. Caramel, light toast, raisin and honey notes. Aged one year. 12% abv
  Orange Blossom Special
A “braggot”, this is 2/3 malt and 1/3 orange blossom honey, lightly hopped for balance, smooth and dangerous. (9% abv, 11 bu, Imperial)
  Smoked Scotch
Light smoky nose with a hint of vanilla. Carmelized and smoky malt flavor. 7.3% abv
Light toast and biscuity malt flavor balanced with a stronger hop presence than traditional. 6.2% abv.
Belgian Dubbel
Dark ale based on our Wing-Nut Brown and fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast strain. Fruity, sweet and complex. 10.8% abv